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Killian’s Hillside Newfoundland’s is located approximately 45 minutes
northeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  We began breeding Golden
Retriever’s in 1999.  After losing our first Golden, Ryley, in 2007 and our
second Golden, Belle, in 2008, we began, with very heavy heart's, our
search for a companion for our only remaining Golden, Jess, in 2009.
It was a lifelong dream of my husband’s to get a Newfoundland.  
Unfamiliar with the specifics of the breed we spent significant time
researching Newfoundland’s to be sure they were the best choice for our
family.  Realizing the many similarities between Newf’s and Golden’s
and appreciating the differences, we decided to find a reputable breeder who
could help us bring our new “little one” home.  We fell in love with a
beautiful black Newfoundland from Canine Acres named Tasha and
decided she was exactly what we were looking for in a Newfoundland.  We
sent in our deposit for a black female and anxiously waited for our “baby”
to be born.  On March 15th, 2009 we received a call from our breeder with
the news that the puppies had arrived.  The minor complication was that
our request for a black female could not be fulfilled but that a gray female
was ours if we wanted her.  We cringe now to think we almost passed
her. She came
to live with us at 8 weeks and won our hearts over
instantly.  It only took us a few months to realize we were ready to add
yet another Newfoundland to our family.  We called Canine Acres once
again and on September 14th, 2009 our second beautiful female was born.  
“Dublin” came to be a part of our family at 8 weeks as well, and we loved
watching them grow and play together.  We decided to share this
magnificent breed with others and were
blessed with our first litter of
puppies July 31, 2011. On August 27th 2012
we added our big boy
"Dundee" to our family. He was 4 when he came to be ours but fits into our
family as if he has always been with us. We were blessed to have one final
litter from our Boston and now she is officially retired to just be the
"gueen" of our puppers. She is an amazing mother so we did not want to
loose her line. We added London to our family at 8 weeks of age in June of
2014. Her mother, Kendle, was the first puppy Boston ever birthed.
we lost our sweet Dundee on October 27th, 2016.
We are a very small scale
breeder. Our newfs live in our home as part of our family. With both of our
children having completed college and moved out, we have more than filled
the “empty nest” with our "Gentle Giant's".  Our puppies are born and
raised in the warmth of our home. They are well socialized and loved to
pieces when they leave our home.  We invite you to come visit us anytime.  
We would be happy to “connect” you with owners of our past puppies as we
strive to maintain contact with as many of them that are willing to keep
in touch with us.  We strongly encourage you to check out our credibility
as responsible breeders.  We will not ship our puppies because we feel it best
for you to come and see where your puppy began experiencing life.  If you
would like more information on upcoming litters feel free to contact us by
phone or email.
September 2011
Wrigley Tonka, Lindsay, Tank, Charlie(the puppy)(behind Boston), Dublin, Boston
Sue, Gus, Jess, Charlie, Hershey, Gatsby, Kendle, Patrick & Gracie
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a Newf
Jess,Belle & Ryley
Boston 8 weeks
Dublin 8 weeks
Boston & Jess
Jess & Dublin
Our Boy
London 8 weeks