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 Sales Contract

                               Between Killian’s Hillside Newfoundland’s and  ________________________

                               Date of Purchase________________________

                               Killian’s Hillside Newfoundland’s is designated from this point forward in this document as the seller.

                               Breed   ______
Newfoundland ___________  Sex    ______     Color    __________

                               Whelping Date  ____________________________________________________      

                               Sire _______________________________  Dam   ________________________

                               AKC #  ________________       
                               Purchaser Information
                               Address_____________________________ City__________________ State____ Zip_________
                               Home Phone__________________________ Cell Phone_________________________________
                               Email Address___________________________________________________________________

Killian’s Hillside Newfoundland’s transfers to the purchaser, in fee, simple rights, privileges, and all responsibilities associated
with owning this dog. The purchase price of this puppy is  
  $ ________

                                                          X    Limited registration           _____ Full registration

Killian’s Hillside Newfoundland’s are selling this dog as a pet/companion animal.  The purchaser shall have this puppy checked
by a licensed Veterinarian within 7 days upon receiving the new puppy. The seller guarantees for a period of 12 months from the
whelping date that this puppy will be free from any hereditary or congenital defects and abnormalities which would prevent it from
being a good pet or companion.  Even though we have a responsible breeding program, there may be an unlikely event of such
problems that are not detected prior to placement due to unknown hereditary causes. If this were to happen within the first twelve
months of life, the breeder will replace the puppy from a subsequent litter if a heart or hip problem is severe and crippling or life
threatening and the diagnosis confirmed by a licensed Veterinarian who specializes in such problems. Any veterinarian reports
will need to be reviewed by the sellers Veterinarian before any replacement would be made.  In the unlikely event that a puppy
would replace a prior puppy, the original puppy/dog would be surrendered back to the breeder along with all AKC paperwork and
veterinarian records at the purchaser’s expense. If the purchaser decides to keep the puppy/dog there will be no obligation on the
part of the breeder to replace the puppy. The seller will provide a copy of all veterinary evaluations, health records, treatments and
vaccinations to the purchaser upon pickup of their puppy.

The purchaser agrees to give the dog regular veterinary care.  The dog will be given proper shelter, food and water, and will not
be abused in any way. The purchaser is in agreement that this dog may never be left on a chain or tied outside to live.  It is
understood that this dog may not be used for breeding if sold to the purchaser with a limited registration.  We strongly encourage
spaying or neutering this dog, unless it has been purchased with a full registration to a Newfoundland Breeder.  Any offspring, if
sold with full registration, may not be sold, consigned, or given to any pet store or broker and only may be sold privately and
directly from the breeder who owns the dog.  

In the event that the purchaser can no longer retain ownership of the dog for ANY reason, the purchaser must return the dog to the
breeder at the purchaser’s expense allowing the breeder to find a new forever home for the dog. There will not be a refund or a
rehome fee given to the purchaser but the breeder will assure the purchaser that the dog will only be placed in a home approved
by the breeder.

The seller is not liable for any damages or injury caused by this dog.

A deposit of $300.00(US funds) is required to reserve your puppy.  If the breeder is unable to provide you with a puppy of the
gender or color you desire, your full deposit will be refunded to you upon your request. Any balance owed on the puppy must be
paid at least 14 days prior to pickup of your puppy if paying by check. All payments made within two weeks of pickup must be in
certified funds or cash.

                                              Seller____________________________________ Date_________

                                              Purchaser________________________________  Date_________