Boston & Grizz's puppies born 7/31/11
together with their forever families
Vicki & Steve with Kendle
8 weeks
Kelly,Haleigh,Nolan & Patrick
with Charlie
8 weeks
Ben & Liz with Tank
8 weeks
missing from photo - son Shawn
Rona, Mark & Danielle with Wrigley
8 weeks
missing from photo - son Chris
Kara,Tina & Gillian with Gracie
8 weeks
missing from photo - hubby Robert
Martin,Teddy,Gwen,Marlene & Delia
with Gatsby
8 weeks
Riley,Theresa,Matt,Payton & Mike
with Hershey   8 weeks
missing from photo - daughter Morgan
Lindsay, Kelci & Tye with Gus
8 weeks
Malia & Shelagh with Tonka
8 weeks
missing from photo hubby Matt & son Kai
rcd 5/15/12
Love the drool!
rcd 10/10/11
rcd 11//20/11
Shawn & Tank
rcd 10/1/11
Hershey & Koda
rcd 11/18/11
Thank you to all of these families for making our puppies part of your families!
Kelci & Gus
Tonka & friends
rcd 10/3/11
Tonka & Kai
rcd 8/2/12
rcd 10/21/11
rcd 11/6/11
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(In birth order)
rcd 1/9/12
Congratulations Mallons on the birth of
rcd 1/4/12
3 months
AKC: The Great Gus of the Lake
weight 135 lbs     rcd 7/31/12
rcd 3/28/12
How Handsome!
taken 1/21/12
Haleigh &
Charlie at 8 months
Our California boy spent spring break frolicking in the
snow in Idaho. rcd 4/19/12
taken 4/12
1st Birthday
How gorgeous!
Charlie weighs
135lbs. at 1 year.
What a face!
rcd 4/14/12
Such a pretty girl!
Close to 100 lbs
rcd 7/31/12
1st Birthday
Our Boy
Tonka's favorite play place!
rcd 8/30/12
Swimming in the Pacific!
rcd 8/30/12
Tank and Brady
rcd 9/18/12
rcd 9/21/12
rcd 9/21/12
Gracie at 120lbs
fitting her "butt"
in a lawn chair!
rcd 11/13/12
helping herself
to a treat from
the garbage
rcd 10/25/12
Jack & Gracie
after a grooming
Tonka has now
become a
wonderful "friend"
to the residents of
a nursing home.
rcd 11/9/12
Looks like a
brown Boston!
rcd 11/4/12
rcd 11/14/12
Charlie & Haleigh
He is huge & so handsome!
rcd 11/14/12
Do you still want me to stay off the furniture?
Really???     I'm just too cute!    rcd 11/22/12
Gus & family came
to see the new
litter of puppies
12/22/12. He is
166 lbs and makes
his mom look like a
toy poodle. Here
he is in our kitchen
aside of Dublin.
His size & "beauty"
left me speechless!
imagine that!
What a face!
rcd 6/26/12
Enjoying the snow!
rcd 12/30/12
Tank & Brady
rcd 1/13
Wrigley and Kobe napping.
rcd 3/25/13
How sweet!
Charlie outgrew
his favorite chair!
rcd 2/19/13
Gus and Chive snugglin'
rcd 3/9/13
Gus thinks Kelci makes a great pillow!
Weight update on Gus:
182 pounds  at 19 months!!
want to play
ball with
rcd 3/27/13
Absolutely gorgeous!!
rcd 4/7/13
2 years old !
rcd 7/31/13
Gracie at
2 years!
rcd 8/21/13
"Hey can
pleaselet me in?"
rcd 12/5/14
Does anybody want
to play with me?
rcd 8/1/13
Shelagh, Tonka (140 pounds) & Kai
rcd 10/25/13
Mama, you can have
the doggie bed...
Kobe (below)
moved to heaven on January 10th 2014.
He will live on forever in the hearts of the Cerbo family.
Wrigley lost his dear big brother and best friend that day.
Love the bib!
rcd 10/24/13
Gus and Kelci
rcd 12/5/14
170 pounds

Such a
handsome boy!
rcd 7/19/14
rcd 11/5/13
(left) Gus and his family came to visit
the 3rd litter of puppies on 12/27/13.
(below)Play date with half brother Sully
1/26/14, handsome boys!
Hershey and her family came to visit the 3rd litter of
puppies on 12/30/13.     Such a pretty girl!
Wrigley and his Mommy
What a big handsome boy!
rcd 5/11/14
Oh my goodness, Gatsby you are too cute!
rcd 7/16/14
What a
rcd 8/26/14
Wrigley delivering
the daily paper
rcd 8/7/14
& Koda
rcd 7/17/15
Hershey and
her new rcd
Hershey makes
a perfect pillow
for Koda, how
rcd 8/8/15
Morning snuggle time    rcd 81515
Sweet Wrigley moved to
heaven on March 13, 2015.
He will remain forever
in our hearts...
We love you Wrigley
Sweet Gastby moved to
heaven on August 13, 2015.
He will remain forever
in our hearts...
We love you Gatsby
Sweet Gracie moved to
heaven on October 2, 2015.
She will remain forever
in our hearts...
We love you Gracie
Sweet Kendle went on to be bred and we were able to get a beautiful female puppy from her
to add to our family. London gave us 3 beautiful litters of puppies resulting in us keeping our
gorgeous Brooklyn. Brooklyn just gave us her first amazing litter of puppies on 12/10/20.

Unfortunately Kendle became ill in April of 2020. She moved
to heaven on 4/18/20 but will forever be with us in our hearts.
We love you Kendle