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Scroll down for photos from our 1st Puppy
Reunion held here on August 3rd, 2014!
1st litter    "Gatsby"    3 yrs.
3rd litter    "Otis"    8 1/2 months
3rd litter     "Sampson"    8 1/2 months
3rd litter    "Ella"    8 1/2 months
3rd litter    "Witten"    8 1/2 months
3rd litter    "Sully"    8 1/2 months
2nd litter    "Hagrid"    1yr 8 1/2 months
2nd litter    "Marly"    1 yr 8 1/2 months
The babies...
"Memphis" (left) and
"London" (right)
were born on April 18th,
2014, along with their
12 other siblings.
Their momma is "Kendle"
who was the very first
puppy Boston ever
London lives with us now,
Memphis lives with
Steve & Vicki Harris.
Our 1st puppy reunion was a blast!!  The weather looked a bit shaky but God
gave us an extra blessing of dry skies for our gathering. As I looked back
upon the day I realized I wish I had tried to get a picture of all the dogs
together. I hardly have any pictures of Boston with her babies and I also
would have liked a picture of each of the families with their puppies now. All
things to keep in mind for next year! We had held a 50th wedding anniversary
party for my parents Saturday evening so I probably won't have a dance floor
for the dogs for their next reunion. It proved to be a bit tricky as they would
drink, play and lay in the water table then try to run after each other across
the slippery dance floor. The tables made for an interesting obstacle course
for them to negotiate running through. Dublin stood guard over the food table
all day, "Great job Dubbie!"  Thanks to all of the wonderful goodies families
brought to share we had plenty to eat! The dogs had a great time chasing
each other, and spit was flying everywhere. I had to go into my boxes I use
when we have puppies to be able to distribute slobber towels for anyone who
needed one. I am so grateful for all who came. Eight of Bostons puppies and
their families were able to join us. Otis's family traveled over 5 hours 1 way,
through 2 severe rain storms to share the afternoon with us. I realize holding
the reunion in the summer conflicted with many of you going on vacation and
hope that next year it will work out that more of you will be able to join us!
The "stars" of the day are pictured below, enjoy!!!!
Shortly after the last family left,
London passed out,
"great party"
This handsome Golden is Mack,
Otis's big brother.
London made sure Otis didn't try to run off!