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Scroll down for photos from our 2nd Puppy Reunion
held here on May 30th, 2015!
1st litter    "Gus"    3 1/2 yrs.
Tye & Lindsay Levy
3rd litter    "Bruin"    1 1/2 yrs
Carson, Christina & Corrine
3rd litter    "Ella"    1 1/2 yrs
3rd litter    "Sully"   1 1/2 yrs
Emma & Jessica
2nd litter    "Marly"    2 yrs
4th litter
"Misty"   5 months
Matt, Elizabeth & Juli
Our 2nd puppy reunion went very well! We had 10 puppy families share the
day with us. This years reunion was a very emotion filled day as we
celebrated the lives of two of our babies who, although no longer with us in
body, will forever be in our hearts. Wrigley was a beautiful black puppy from
Boston's first litter fathered by Grizz. Wrigley moved to heaven on March 13th
2015 after undergoing emergency surgery for a blockage. He had somehow
swallowed a piece of plastic that perforated his bowel. His mom and dad got
him the best medical treatment but despite coming through the surgery, the
damage was too extensive and now Wrigley runs free and plays all day with
his Golden Retriever brother Kobe who had moved to heaven in January of
2014. With broken hearts full of love to give, his family rescued a
shepherd/lab mix who they named "Killian" 3 weeks after losing Wrigley. We
were so honored to have Rona, her son Chris and Killian be able
to come and spend the day with us.
We also celebrated the life of Sampson, a beautiful black and white landseer
from Boston's third litter, fathered by Dundee. Sampson moved to heaven on
May 12th 2015 after a 3 month battle with osteosarcoma. His family also
sought the best care for him and unfortunately the prognosis for Sampson
was no more than a year of life even if he underwent a right back leg
amputation and chemotherapy. Charlie and I encouraged Bobby and Kim to
make the most of each day with Sampson but we supported them in making
the decision to love him enough to not put him through the pain of surgery
and chemo when the devastating outcome was inevitable. They spent his last
day with him and their 2 boys Aiden (5) and Colby (2) doing all sorts of
special things. While not with us physically at the reunion they were with us in
spirit as everyone rallied behind these familiies in their great loss.
The "stars" of the day are pictured below, enjoy!!!!
7 weeks
our "Yellow" puppy
7/31/11 - 3/13/15
Enjoy heaven
sweet boy.
You will forever be
in our hearts.
Thank you Mark, Rona, Chris and Danielle for loving our sweet boy.
our "Black" puppy
11/12/13 - 5/12/15
Enjoy heaven
sweet boy.
You will forever be
in our hearts.
7 weeks
Thank you Bobby, Kim, Aiden and Colby for loving our sweet boy.
4th litter    "Riley"    5 months
4th litter    "Maggie"    5 months
Dean & Lauren
4th litter    "Finnegan"    5 months
Kiernan, Rose, Ronan & Mike
4th litter    "Tucker"    5 months
Andrew, Steve, Ellie, Gretchen & Mary
scroll right so as not
to miss anything
3rd litter siblings
4th litter siblings
They've got Rona
Sully just LOVED Killian!
Sure Bruin,
help yourself
to the drink
"Grandpa" (my dad)
with Gus!
My cousin Beth came to help with the
food and "man" the grill. She brought
her English Shepherd "Ayla" to play
with the other dogs.  Killian looked
like a smaller version of Ayla!
"Thank you Beth
for all of your help!"
Marly and Gus
discussing what kind
of drink they would
like to have!
Notice it's all the "older" dogs
needing a rest!
Gus got his goodie bag and
he is heading for the car!
Good boy Gus!
"Come on Mom and Dad, you
said we were leaving..."
"Got any snacks?"
"Seriously, did they really think we
were just going to drink this water????"
London and Misty, both from Boston's line although
not siblings, these two are two peas in a pod!
Gorgeous, but naughty girls!
Marly, you
look like your
Daddy Dundee! So
Miss Ella says "I'm heading in and
finding an air conditioning duct!"
Thanks for coming
Chris, Rona & Killian.
We know this was a
bittersweet day for
you but Wrigley was
here in spirit and we
were so grateful to
finally be able to give
you hugs in person!
Tucker guarding the water "tub"!
So handsome!
Handsome boy Finnegan with London.
"Oh Finnegan how I've missed playing with you!"
Such a pretty girl you are Maggie!
Dubbie resumed her position
from last year guarding the
food! Good job Dublin!
Beautiful Riley remembered
me with lots of kisses!
"Hey everybody...
she's got snacks!"