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Scroll down for photos from our
4th Annual Puppy Reunion
held here on May 27th, 2017!
Unfortunately, none of our babies from Boston's 1st  litter
were able to make it to the reunion this year.
We had an awesome turnout today. God provided the sunshine and
the furbabies provided the entertainment complete with lots of drool!
We are so blessed to share this day with our fur "family"!
From Boston's 2nd litter, sired by our late Dundee we had Mulligan and Marly.
These 2 boys were the BIG guys of the day.
Matt, Misty (Boston's 4th litter), Elizabeth, Marly and Juli
Lalena, Mulligan, Gabe and Magenta (Boston's 4th litter)
From Boston's 3rd litter, sired by our late Dundee, we had Witten and Ella!
Linda, Witten & Rob
Ella & Kelly
Ethel, Christina & Carson
Christina and her husband Chris, are Mom and Dad to
Bruin from this litter.  Bruin would not get in the van
today so they brought his "sister" Ethel who is actually
his niece. Her Mom is Ella pictured at left.
From Boston's 4th and final litter, sired by our late Dundee, we had a great turnout.
We haveTucker,Magenta, Misty, Riley, FInnegan & Zori
I apologize for the "cloudy" photos.
Apparently I  got slobber on the lens
and didn't realize it when
I was taking the pictures.
As expected at a newfy reunion!
Andrew, Gretchen, Ellie, Mary, Steve and Tucker
Lalena, Mulligan (Boston's  2nd litter), Gabe and Magenta
Matt, Misty, Elizabeth, Marly (Boston's 2nd litter) and Juli
Donna, John, Hope and Riley
Mike, Rose, Finnegan, Ronan and Kiernan
Robbie, Alessia, Zori and Heather
We also had a great turnout for the "babies". London's 1st litter.
We had Nokona, Aspen, Clay & Piper, and Reggie.
Momma London wanted to be in the photo wiith her babies!
Mark, Rona and Nokona
Dave, Lisa and Aspen
Matthew, Piper, Kate and Clay
Owen, Beth, Erik, Lily, Otto and Reggie
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