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Day 52
Rockcastle's Keyrock "Castle"
Black Male "Purple"
Congratulations Ryan family!
Rose, Rory, Finnegan (Boston/Dundee pup) & Mike
missing from photo
- brothers Ronan & Kiernan
Black Female "Hot Pink"

Brooklyn will be staying with
us as an addition to our family!
Black Male "Lt.Blue"
Congratulations Gilchrist/Hupcey family!
Ian, Woody & Judy
missing from photo - sister Cypress from London's last year litter
Day 25
Introducing the "babies"
London and Castle (owned by Laura McKinney) had a very small but beautiful litter 1/15/18.
They had 1 black female, 2 black males & 1 brown female that God took home a few hours after birth.
The price of our puppies is $2000.00 with limited registration for all colors and genders.
We do not accept deposits until we have puppies in our whelping box. Please call
or email to check on availability. You can be placed on our contact list at any time
for future litters. We do like to speak with all prospective families before accepting any
deposits to help make sure the placement is a perfect fit for both the puppy and the families.
Follow the past litters
as they continue
growing in their new
homes on the
forever families page!
Check it out!
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Day 26
Killian's Hillside Newfoundlands
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Juli, Elizabeth and their 2 friends were at the horse expo in Harrisburg and stopped by on their
way back to Jersey to snuggle the puppies. They have Marly from Boston's 2nd litter and Misty
from Boston's 4th litter. Poor Dad Matt didn't get to make this trip. MIssed you Matt.
We took the puppies for a hike up the field
to Grandma & Grandpa's today.
They did awesome!
Day 30
Day 33
Day 34
Day 35
Day 36
Day 39
London and
her boys
Day 40
Rory, Brooklyn & Woody
London is such a good Momma, she still lets these
overgrown babies nurse a few times a day.
Day 50
Rory using
Brooklyn for a pillow
Boston & Woody at my feet
while I work at the table.
Naughty boys, "Sorry
Mommy, the rubber
floor tile just jumped
up and attacked us!"
Snugglin' with Mom after
playing in the snow.
The puppies woke
Dubbie up as she was
enjoying a nap with
her blanket of snow!
Day 42
Day 43
London loves playing
with her babies!
It's hard to see
where Brooklyn stops
and Woody starts
Day 44
These babies sure are
getting to big for my
puppy scale!
Brooklyn & Woody
Rory loves
to go
in the
open crates
Mom and
her babies
Day 45
Day 47
Rory getting one last drink of milk
before heading to his new home.
Rory went to his new
home, this morning
Woody was all ready to
get picked up as well.
Brooklyn seemed to
know what was coming...
"Hey brother, you know
how much we missed Rory
yesterday, please don't
leave me too..."
"He did it
Dubbie, he
left me. Will
you please
let me play
with you?"
London is
sad as well
to see her
babies leave.
"It's ok Momma, I'm not going anywhere.
I love you."
So closes another chapter in our book of raising a litter
of babies. God is so gracious and my heart is full of
love as I watch all of our past babies grow and bring joy
to their families. So thankful Brooklyn is staying with us!