Rockcastle's Keyrock "Castle"
Black female - Red
Congratulations Fran Munzenrider
Fran & Tamsy
Introducing the "babies"
London and Castle (owned by Laura McKinney) had a Beautiful litter of puppies 4/6/19.
They had 2 black females, 4 brown females & 3 brown males.
We are implementing a new socialization curriculum with this litter of puppies called
Puppy Culture.
This weekly socialization program is designed to give each of these puppies the
best possible start at life. I am confident these puppies will leave here as
attentive, very well socialized puppies that will grow into great adult dogs.
In order to send these puppies off as confident young dogs we will be working with
them implementing Puppy Culture for the first 10 weeks of their lives. I will
advise future owners of our puppies on how to continue this program after they take
their new puppy home.
For more on this program you can google it online.

The price of our puppies is $2200.00 with limited registration for all colors and genders.

We do not accept deposits  ($300.00) until we have puppies in our whelping box. Please call
or email to check on availability. You can be placed on our contact list at any time
for future litters. We do like to speak with all prospective families before accepting any
deposits to help make sure the placement is a perfect fit for both the puppy and the families.
Follow the past litters
as they continue
growing in their new
homes on the
forever families page!
Check it out!
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Killian's Hillside Newfoundlands
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black female - Wine
Congratulation Sneddon family
Kerry, Yoki, Kachina & Robbin
brown female - Pink
Congratulations Fancher family
Debby & Emmie
missing from photo husband Phil
Benjamin & sister Debby
brown female - Purple
Congratulations Henderson family
Kai, Stacey & Lance
missing from photo brothers Ben & Josh
brown female - Teal
Congratulations Asquini family
Penny, Nick & Kait
brown female - lavender
Congratulations Sneddon family
Kerry, Yoki, Kachina & Robbin
brown male - Lime
Congratulations Madeja family
Dave, Jake & Lori
brown male - Blue
Congratulations Moore family
Tracey, Zeke & Dan
missing from photo sister Corrine
brown male - Orange
Congratulations Bachman family
Doug, Windsor & Tina
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Day 56
The puppies turned 8 weeks old and we
held our 2nd "Puppy Party" today. We
had some more challenging stations this
week. The puppies had to go up and
down some steps into an elevated dog tub.
They had to walk around on a much more
wobbly buja board. And finally they had to
go up and down and actual dog ramp to
the couch. A few were a bit unsure about
the steps up to the tub but overall they did
fantastic. The humans finished by sharing
a meal while the puppies rested.
Day 57
Penny, Windsor & Kachina
Emmie & Yoki
Day 59
Day 59
Day 60
Tamsy is caught with
a dirty nose, Kai is
caught with the string
from the gate in her
mouth. But look at
those sweet faces!
Kachina looking so
innocent while she naps!
Day 61
Penny & Emmie
Zeke & Windsor
Yoki & Jake taking a dip
Day 62
Our last Friday night
with everybody
Day 63
Momma London
all her babies
Day 49
Day 50
Day 51
Day 52
Day 54
Day 55
Day 64
I thought I would show you how calm these puppies are every day when I
weigh them, this was today. Puppy Culture sure has made my life easier!
They are getting so big you don"t even see the scale they are laying on!
Day 65
Emmie is a true newf, this morning
she was in heaven napping in the rain.
She may be tiny compared to the rest
but she is one tough little cookie!
A very wet Yoki decided to come in and
nap on the elevated bed in the living room
Tamsy and big sister Brooklyn.       Brooklyn sure
is going to miss her little brothers and sisters.
Zeke is watching the
Phillies and Penny is
getting ready to cheer
on her Toronto
Day 66
Day 67
These were actually from last night, it's virtually impossible to
get 4 adults and 9 babies to gather together in an open yeard.
Day 68
Kai & Zeke
Tamsy, Windsor & Penny
Yoki & Kachina
Days 69,70 & 71
Sunday June 16th, Day 71
What an amazing adventure the past 10 weeks has been. All of the puppies left to go to their new homes over the past few
days, the last one leaving today.  I know they will bring their families so much joy and that gives me the strength to let them go.
Implementing Puppy Culture for the first time with this litter leaves me with only one regret. That the previous 6 litters that we
had been blessed with did not get to benefit from the amazing socialization strategies this litter was able to experience. The
family involvement of visiting here at times that would allow them to get to know each other, as well as their puppies, has been
such a unique and amazing thing to witness. Most of the families have been connected through social media and have already
formed bonds that will unite them forever through this litter.
As I sit here making this last entry, our home is much to quiet. The tears continue to fall as I miss these sweet babies so much
already. But I am so thankful to my Father God above for blessing me with these beautiful little furry faces as well as all of our
Killian fur babies out there bringing joy to their families. I am full of thanksgiving for my four "big" girls who will be glad to have
their Momma's attention focused back on them. A wonderful husband, an awesome son, fabulous daughter and son-in-law and  
sweet grandbaby Lydia, as well as all of our family and friends, the tears may fall but my heart is full and I am blessed.
"Thank you God for all of these blessings, not one of which I deserve!
The glory and honor is all yours!"
I love you babies and you all took a piece of my heart with you forever...